Doing our part to help keep the world beautiful.

Energy Initiatives & GHG Emissions

We hold ourselves accountable for our energy consumption and work hard to manage the impact of our carbon footprint. We voluntarily participate in the Energy Star Industry Challenge, which means we report our carbon footprint to our employees, our customers and Energy Star.

We will be installing solar panels equivalent to 1,050 light bulbs when the sun is shining. We conduct frequent audits to identify other areas of improvement and we’re already well underway with our energy reduction initiatives.


Water Usage Footprint

We’re working toward the goal of reducing our water usage in production to limit our consumption of an already constrained resource. We’ve implemented real-time water consumption monitoring and installed automatic water shut-offs to track and prevent consumption during off-peak hours.

We’re committed to reducing our dependence on precious resources.


Our goal is to eventually recycle 90% of all the materials we bring into our production facility. In the meantime, we’ve identified recyclable substitutes to reduce the amount of waste we produce and additional recycling streams to continue toward our goal.